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Whistlings of Death...
...and circles of faint music.
The beating of insect wings. 
23rd-May-2008 03:02 pm
B fear
Damn Julius and all his surreptitious ways. He lied to me. In silence, without a word but he lied all the same. It appears all he wanted was a visit to the house but then I must ask myself why he bothered joining me to travel half-way across the world? Would he not have been better off finding another fool to accept him into The Dagda’s? Would he not have then achieved his goal a whole lot faster?
He made an error by travelling with me. By the time we had all returned his cover had been blown and his game useless.
Ah well, we have moved on already.

I feel as if I spent no time at all at home before we were pushed back outside into hellish times again. I have more to worry about now.
We are off to hide again, or to confuse those who'd like to steal away my beloved partner. Everyone is worried. After such progress (apparently) on the battlefield, that other realm of nothing but dreams has risen out of the night and tricked us yet again.

I am disappointed about Mr. RA's death.....but I sense that, that is not the correct word to be using. 'Death'.
A thought - how terrible would it be to discover him as a new beast all born again and even more vengeful than before? I would be horrified. In fact it is best not to dwell on those thoughts for out here in this god awful place I wouldn't be at all surprised to find him standing in our doorway one night. There are creatures here that....

Yes, it is not worth thinking about.

I have gone off topic for I cannot concentrate at all, my mind is half on what I am saying here and half on the movement in the room next door to me. I suppose it was comforting when I had Julius with me, back before he decided he was actually a man.
I am squinting my eyes angrily at this thought.

I will return to say more another time but now I must return to my Dru and that shack in the city where we will sit in the darkness pretending to listen to the distant music. We both know the truth, that we are really listening out for the strange screeching and clicking noises that give away our latest enemy but neither of us want to admit this to the other for fear of spoiling the fake atmosphere we work so hard to maintain. What is left of our sanity depends on it, we must live in lies because the truth is unbearable. Neither of us enjoy being hunted. My only moment of peace is to be in her arms.

Not long until sundown.
4th-Nov-2008 07:53 pm (UTC)
Hey. We're really in the shit. Don't know if you got my mail? Please respond. Can you speak to Torne for us? You're more likely to see this before he sees his mail. We'll only be here for two days max.
Get Sharky online, he's so backwards.
Give me Weaver's email address.
Hurry up, Ro. You promised you'd be around.
Stop fucking about.
6th-Nov-2008 10:44 am (UTC) - PANIC.
I have read it. I am really sorry everything has gone so wrong and just when I left you all! I arrived here to find that Torne has gone away with Julius (he must have lost his mind!), Tarellom and my men from home. I don’t know what I can do for you, it seems all our contacts are on the unreachable side of the world. Aldrusey is worried sick about Rhen and cannot get in touch with Ben. I am just as worried about all of you! Communication may be slow but it is not impossible, we have ways of getting round these things. How long do you think we have before ...?

Mr. Shark is using Tod’s account but read the mail I’ve sent you, there is a message from him in it. We are together in the library, both fretting.
We haven’t seen Jack for three days. He has no mail address, apparently.
What do you want us to do?

Love you all <3
6th-Nov-2008 11:51 am (UTC) - Re: PANIC.
Ro, you need to sit at that laptop. You nearly missed me. You’re a fucking nightmare. I’ve mailed you but to highlight:
Keep trying to get hold of people.
Re. Luathus - We need someone to at least be there when the deal is done. See what you can do about that.
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