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Whistlings of Death...
...and circles of faint music.
The term toadstool is nowadays used in story telling when referring to poisonous or suspect mushroom 
9th-May-2007 12:23 pm
Leaping from the foliage she hurtled down the hill towards us, her direction and intent was clear until quite suddenly she veered off into the bushes beside the church window and vanished entirely.
We’ve searched everywhere and although I do not like the idea of seeing her ever again...I also do not much like the idea she is loose and running wild in the undergrowth just waiting for her chance to spring upon us again. Gosh it was a terrible sight.
She had red eyes with black surrounding them as if she had been in a battle and suffered a few blows to her face. Her lips were black also and spittle flew from them spurting out in all directions. Her fingers were curled into claw shapes and as she moved she made a hideous shrieking monkey racket.
I have not a clue what kept us so pinned to the ground in a state of wonder and terror. We didn’t move, just stared. It was as if we already knew she wouldn’t come too close and yet I felt certain it wouldn’t be long before her terrible fingers had clasped us both.
Now I am restless and Julius is something beyond that! My problem is that she was part of my secret mission. I wanted to find her and put an end to her horrible ways once and for all so it is strange that she has found us. It is too soon, I had not even thought over how exactly I was going to take action with her and now I must abandon all my other plans that need thought in order for me to work out what we are to do about her.
Oh damnation, this is just terribly frustrating and I am most cross.

I need to speak to someone who has experience with this particular beast.

Darling Russell, please mail me Oliver’s telephone number to my yahoo email address.

To make matters worse Mrs. Thistledorf has taken offence at my inability to eat her delicious meals after she spotted me feeding Julius her best Pheasant Casserole. Curses. We shall have to leave.
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