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Whistlings of Death...
...and circles of faint music.
An insect closely related to the butterfly. 
10th-Sep-2009 01:32 pm
I have escaped! Or perhaps I have been captured! I know not and care much less! This is a feral new place! I have welcomed this transformation and stepped into an existence so detached from all the hardships I have been living with in these murky days of madness and violence!
What is this?! Who are these creatures? I know they wish to tear me apart, I see into their dreams occasionally. I hear their perverse and sinister thoughts and yet they provide me with my own travelling house and a slave who worships me.
Am I to be prepared for some giant feast? Will they make me a headdress of wild flowers and skewer me ready for roasting?
Ha! I certainly hope they will try!

Do not worry dear friends, I shall return before the snows begin.
But what will I find?

Darling Veronica, please take care of my shop while I am away and make sure that Crow attends school on time and eats something other than rotten road kill.
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19th-Apr-2013 07:39 pm (UTC)
I hate you.
11th-Sep-2009 11:24 am (UTC)
Certainly X
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