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Whistlings of Death...
...and circles of faint music.
'These things once locked in silence now return to me..' 
13th-Jul-2009 01:27 pm
It has been some time since I have updated here now. I have said this before I am sure, these entries are all very scattered. I was strict with them during my travelling days but then lost my way more recently. No one can blame me, think – I am now in the Dagda lands and there is but one place here where I can update and now I am no longer a member of that household it is hard to find the time to wander up the hill and into the library.
Yes, I am always busy. I opened ‘Material Mushrooms’ in January and we have had a flood of orders coming through ever since. I have had to leave my beloved UndergrounD behind for now but surely when things have calmed down at the shop I will return there.

Recently I have been bothered by dreams that must belong to the life I had when first I was here in this existence. Dreams of faces I should know, conversations I have had and lost, endless travelling. I read today that a circus will be coming to the town and setting up here for a week. This thought fills me with a strange fear and excitement that I am not at all used to but is similar to the emotions I wake up with when I have had those strange dreams. I feel the two things are connected. All lunacy I am sure but I must wander along and see this circus. Perhaps I will do so before they have properly set up. I could watch from the shadows. Yes.

Torne and Julius are still away and send us no news at all. This morning I had breakfast with Aldrusey, hence my appearance in the library, she is pretending not to worry over the whereabouts of her alpha but I can see the pain in her eyes.
I rather like her new friend, Daniel’s mother Promise. She has golden hair and an oddly childish nature at times. She laughs at rather inappropriate moments but so innocently I find myself joining her. Brutus fell down the steep steps into the cellar last week and it was such a nasty fall he was unable to get back up! He stayed there for a few days with a terribly mangled arm. Promise found this to be most delightful news. I agree.

Brutus always put too much salt in his dishes and snapped at me when I had tried to advise him on matters of the kitchen. What a fool.


Creamy Mushroom Soup <3
In a caldron, combine mushrooms, water, chicken bouillon, and onion. Bring to a boil; cover and simmer for 20 minutes. Melt butter in another pan; blend in flour. Slowly add milk; cook, stirring constantly, until thickened. Add sauce to mushrooms and season with salt and pepper.
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