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Whistlings of Death...
...and circles of faint music.
And on the horizon the sky is hell-red... 
10th-May-2007 01:50 pm
B worried
No sign at all of the lady in black and white, this is not such good news. How ever will I find her again when the time comes that I need her? In a few hours we will set sail and then I believe we will be out of touch with you all for some time. Who knows how long for or in fact if that will happen at all. The ship is a good one and the captain friendly enough but lets think of possible problems here before I congratulate myself at the speed this has all taken place in.

I have heard rumours of a ship that appears at night and then is gone in the daylight. Not so strange a tale really when you hear of unusual ships all the time in these parts…but this particular ship appears in strange places at odd times. It moves too quickly. I have heard words like ‘pirate’ mingled too closely with ‘ghost’. How can two words be mixed and cause fear when it should be nonsense?
Living in this village I suspect they are all suspicious folk but none so much as I and I know the answer to the above question.

There are no pirate ghosts, there are vampires.

This does not look good for myself. I am debating if to leave my companion behind for his own safety.
24th-May-2007 08:39 am (UTC) - 'lady in black and white'
Here is my diagnosis of LL: Definitely infected – but it’s an illness. She suffers. No concentration. Is possibly completely unaware of her problem. Unhappy. Tormented. Blames everyone. Hates everyone.
We never managed to work out if she is at all vampiric but personally I think not. It’s just the usual shit you’re watching out for with her – which is (lol) exactly what you would have been watching out for if you’d been a citizen back in the day.
You win though. Hands down. So I wouldn’t worry too much. Just watch out for any surprises. Keep in mind she is scatty as hell but it’s best NOT to forget about her because the second you have then she will be there in your face, for sure. Ring me when you’re back into the new world again and we’ll go over this. Merri was fucking cool on this assignment so I’ll get her to talk to you.

24th-May-2007 04:20 pm (UTC)
Ah shit, Morphou I take it? Can you let me know if you're alive or not within the next few hours or I'll be forced to go in for back up and seriously fuck your little secret plans. Come on man.

I've emailed but it's not working, your account is closed up because it's so inactive you idiot.

Also, 'coinage' - We went over this several times, Ro, what exactly do you need money for? Hmm? e___e
25th-May-2007 09:08 am (UTC)
Yes, yes.
How did I make a journal without an email addressssssssss? YOU IDIOT.
roane annwn AT ya hoo DOT co DOT uk
Just send me the pennies. No arguments. I told you why I need it.
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